Visiting the Calvert Trust


Cartmel Visit the Calvert Trust – 2nd February 2022

Becky with Calvert Pony, Flo

As we get ready for our 2022 Jump Season, we welcome our new Event Manager Becky who started in January this year! Becky has previously worked with local charities, St Mary’s Hospice and Brathay Trust, and looks forward to using her fundraising and events experience at Cartmel Racecourse.  Recently, she had the opportunity to visit The Calvert Trust, a charity Cartmel Racecourse has supported for years.

We are always keen to learn more about the local charities we have supported. Based just outside of Keswick, The Calvert Trust enables adults and children with disabilities, together with families and friends, to reach their potential by undertaking challenging adventure activities outdoors in the countryside.

Credit: Calvert Trust

Calvert’s Keswick site is equipped for a wide range of outdoor activities. Not only are these activities fun and exciting, it allows people with disabilities to achieve their potential in ways they have never imagined. While touring the site, Jennifer, Calvert’s fundraising manager, explained how invaluable the space at the site is. Facilities include a disabled access swimming pool, an outdoor climbing frame specifically designed for wheelchair users and stables where they offer pony rides and grooming lessons. With facilities like these, residents are able to stay active and challenge themselves all while spending quality time with their family.

Credit: Calvert Trust

Heading to the stables,  of course first saying hello to the ponies, Calvert’s stable manager explained how each pony is carefully chosen to make sure they have the right temperament. Each pony exhibits an extraordinary level of patience, an essential for working with Calvert’s visitors. The staff care for the ponies all year round. This has been particularly difficult financially over the past two years but like all our local stables, the ponies come first. It was clear to see at Calvert. All ponies were so happy and healthy! Riding lessons are a huge part of the Calvert Trust and arguably one of the most rewarding experiences for Calvert residents – this wouldn’t be possible without this exceptional equine team.

We are so thankful to the Calvert Trust and all those who have donated over the years. We appreciate the fantastic work they do within our community.