Two Weeks To Go!


Preparations are really underway now to welcome back spectators to our racecourse, after a break of nearly two years. Although we were really delighted to have the opportunity to race behind closed doors in 2020, Cartmel without the sound and sights of the crowd, is a very different place. We, as a very small and passionate team dearly wish everything could look the same – but the regulations will just not allow us to do that.
We have designed the site to allow for all of our participants and visitors to enjoy our site, whilst adhering to the protocols required for events venues. It will be fantastic to see our members and regulars return and also to welcome new fans, who will be seeing the magic of Cartmel for the first time.
As the season unfolds we hope the regulations will continue to be relaxed – please know we would love to see all of our fans back, doing just what they love!
On a final note, the Road Map is looking to be being acheived thus far from May 17th – one point to remember that for our three race days in May, ‘Vertical Drinking’ is not possible. So please bring a blanket or a chair and enjoy that pint or glass of wine safely!