The Four-Nations Challenge Amateur Riders Handicap Hurdle, Sunday 2nd July.


2 Miles, about 1 Furlong.

Class 4 for horses rated 0-115.

£5,000 prize money.

Each horse placed 8th or better will accrue points for their home-nation and the team with the most points will be awarded the Four Nations Trophy.

The number of finishers that count in each team will depend on the number of horses entered – ideally we hope to attract at least two horses from each nation.

These conditions are not obligatory – so while we hope that everyone will support the objective, trainers may still put up any amateur jockey of their choice.

The points will be accrued as follows:

First – 10 points

Second – 8 points

Third – 6 points

Fourth – 5 points

Fifth – 4 points

Sixth – 3 points

Seventh – 2 points

Eighth – 1 point