Britain's Best BBQ Chefs Gather at Cartmel


The July meeting at Cartmel Racecourse is famous for its barbecues and this year the management team is anticipating more than ever before.

In addition to a prize for the most stylish picnic or barbecue on each of the two racedays, the International Barbecue Network will be coordinating their public competition: Ready Steady Q. Similar to the TV format, competitors will be given a bag of mystery ingredients and asked to barbecue a fantastic meal within 30 minutes.

The winners from each round will compete in a final at the end of the day. Children will be encouraged to join in the fun too, with some rounds restricted to younger BBQ chefs.

Thew contest will take place in the Course Enclosure, close to the large screen in the centre and racegoers are recommended to enter early to ensure a place in the competition.